Trade to Win's seminars introduce individuals to the language of the market, as well as stock selections, buy-and-sell setups, and candlestick chart technical analysis. Interactive classroom instruction is based upon current market activity, aiding traders to gain a better understanding of the market and meet their own investment goals.

 Condensed Seminar - Introduction to day trading equities, two hour duration. ($299.00 value)

 Boot Camp Seminar - Introduction to equities trading and investing, eight hour duration. ($689.00 value)

 Boot Camp Seminar topics include:

  • Strategy
  • Candlestick Formations & Patterns
  • Fibonacci  
  • Risk/Reward
  • Profitability
  • Market Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Timing
  • Nuances of Building Positions
  • How to Anticipate a Trade
  • Entering and Exiting Trades


Classes are guaranteed to have thirty or less students per session in order to ensure that each individual receives one-on-one instruction with our mentors. Trade to Win is devoted to continuous development during the crucial first months of training.

We can help novice or experienced Position Traders, Day Traders, Swing Traders, and Scalp Traders to refine their skills and develop a practical approach to trading